Product assortment

Assortment of offered production are medicines and the parapharmaceutical products including products of medical appointment, cosmetics, means of hygiene and care of the patients which list total more than 5000 items. According to the Legislation operating in Moldova, the value-added tax to all medicines is established 8 % and the tax to parapharmaceutical production is consequently 20 %. The maximum trading margin on medicines is up to 15 % for a wholesales and up to 25 % for retail field-pharmacies. The monthly is issued the special Catalogue with the list of offered products, prices, additional information about the new medicines or actions and competitions for drugstores. It distributed to our all customers . Our partners can also receive this information from our web site on the Internet and make the order to our operators by phone or direct by e-mail (on-line).

Pharmaceutical production includes:

1. Medical products (pharmaceutical and homoeopathic).

2. Medicinal herbs, teas

Parapharmaceutical production includes:

1. Products of medical appointment:

disposable syringes, infusion systems for solutions, systems for t blood transfusion, rubber products: medical gloves, hot-water bottles, bandages; adhesive plasters, dressings, cotton wool, thermometers, tonometers and other subjects of care of patients

2. Biologically active additives and mineral medicinal waters

3. Medical cosmetics and hygiene means

4 . Medical tools

5. Medical clothes