About us

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Место рождения

село Припичень – Рэзешть, Резинского района.
ОбразованиеКишиневское медицинское училище
Пермский государственный фармацевтический институт

Трудовая деятельность
  • Аптека №117 , село Твардица, в должности заведующего аптекой.
  • Аптека №116 село Михайловка, в должности заведующего аптекой.
  • Аптека №213 г. Кишинев, в должности заведующего аптекой.
В период с 1974 года по 1977 год была Депутатом Фрунзенского Районного Совета г. Кишинев.
  • 1993 – 2006 Представительство венгерской компании «Gedeon Richter» в Молдове в должности директора.
Одновременно с 1996 года занимала должность коммерческого директора СП РИХПАНГАЛФАРМА ООО.
  • 2006 - по настоящее время занимает пост Генерального директора СП РИХПАНГАЛФАРМА ООО. Компания насчитывает более 130 человек в г. Кишиневе и филиале №1 г. Бэлць. Основной вид деятельности предприятия – фармацевтическая деятельность.
На протяжении всей своей трудовой деятельности постоянно участвовала в тенингах по повышению квалификации, которые проводились как в Молдове, так и за рубежом: Венгрия, Румыния, Россия, Украина, Казахстан и другие.
Правительственные награды
  • 1981 год – «Отличник здравоохранения СССР»
  • 1986 год – Орден «Знак почета»
  • 1986 год – Орден «Ветеран труда»
  • 2007 год – Медаль «Meritul Civic» за значимый вклад в развитие фармацевтической системы Молдовы.
  • 2012 год – Орден “Gloria Muncii” за долголетний и плодотворный труд.
  • 2012 год – Орден Венгрии за высокие заслуги во благо венгерского государства.
Неоднократно награждалась Правительственными дипломами первой и второй степени. 


Today’s success of our company and achievement of 22% pharmaceutical market share is the result of efficient management directed to satisfy the needs of our customers. JV “RihPan- GalFarma” LTD is focused on quality of our services since our startup. We provide quality services and care about our customers and other stakeholders’ expectations. Thus, our main objectives derived from quality policy, are focused on:

• Increasing of company’s credibility;
• High degree of accessibility;
• Increasing of customers’ satisfaction;
• High level of competitiveness;
• Services and products range adjustment to the needs of customers;
• Ensuring of prompt and open communication with customers;
• Perception of high quality of provided services.

We are the only pharmaceutical wholesaler in Republic of Moldova having regional subsidiary, which streamlines our logistic services, whose objectives are: no delays in distribution, no complaints from customers, no damages, which in fact is observing of Good Distribution Practice (GDP) requirements. Company’s fleet consists of 40 automobiles, which allow standard delivery time to be 24 hours from the receipt of order in all localities of Moldova. All orders are received online, and medicines evidence is made using the unique system “State Nomenclature of Medicines”.

Warehouses are equipped with latest equipment and facilities: ventilation system and global influx-reflux air conditioning, natural and artificial lighting systems, special non-allergic floor and wall coverings, electric charge and discharge equipment, fridge rooms, storage and handling equipment for special products (SEPARANDA and VENENA), as well software solution, which permits rapid processing of orders and warehouse management, direct and continuous communication being essential in terms of carrying out full scale operations.

Company’s activity combines harmoniously the entire cycle of medicines circulation from manufacturer to consumer, where the important place have the company’s representatives, who establish the long-lasting relationships with our partners, focused on satisfaction of their needs.

Our values and mission

Our slogan “In your health” reflects the values of company JV "RihPanGalFarma" LTD, being focused on every person and whole society needs:

  • Professionalism
  • Ethics
  • Quality
  • Social responsibility


Company profile

JV "RihPanGalFarma" LTD –  is one of the first pharmaceutical wholesalers in Republic of Moldova, which has harmoniously combined the traditions of Hungarian pharmaceutical industry and the authority and devotion to the profession of autochthonous pharmacists. Nowadays, the company represents a successful tandem between 2 founders: pharmaceutical plant “Gedeon Richter” from Hungarian side and pharmaceutical company "Panacea" from Moldovan side.


History and nowadays

Creation of Moldovan-Hungarian Joint Venture «RihPanGalFarma» LTD.

2009 - 28 october
Inauguration of new headquarters building of JV«RihPanGalFarma» LTD, in Chisinau with total area more than 5000 m2, which corresponds to all rigors of European standards of Good Distribution Practice (GDP).


Delivery schedule


Monday Anenii Noi, Cauşeni, Criuleni + suburbiile Chișinăului, Ştefan Voda
1) Cimişlia, Basarabeasca, Comrat, Ceadîr-Lunga, Taraclia
2) Hînceşti, Leova, Cantemir, Vulcaneşti
3) Straşeni, Călărași, Ungheni, Nisporeni
4) Orhei, Rezina, Șoldănești
5) Anenii Noi, Căușeni, Stefan Vodă, Varnița + suburbiile.


Monday Floresti, Soroca, Camenca, Singerei, Telenești.
Tuesday Rîscani, Edineţ, Briceni, Ocniţa, Glodeni, Sîngerei, Teleneşti
Wednesday Drochia, Donduşeni, Singerei, Teleneşti
Thursday Drochia, Donduşeni, Soroca, Glodeni, Făleşti, Singerei, Teleneşti
Friday Floresti, Sîngerei, Teleneşti
Saturday Rîscani, Edineţ, Briceni, Ocniţa