History and nowadays

Creation of Moldovan-Hungarian Joint Venture «RihPanGalFarma» LTD.
Inauguration of first subsidiary of JV «RihPanGalFarma» SRL in Balti (northern part of Republic of Moldova).
Launching of the new complex of offices and a warehouse with total area of 1000m2 (Headquarters in Chisinau)
Significant extension of activities of JV «RihPanGalFarma» LTD by creation of new partnerships and widening of range of products.
Granting by National Council of Evaluation and Accreditation in Health of Accreditation Certificate for JV «RihPanGalFarma» LTD.
Marking of a decade of the company’s effective activity on the pharmaceutical market of Moldova, by registering of a significant growth and being the pioneers in implementation of unique evidence system for medicines circulation in RM “State Nomenclature of Medicines”
Recognizing of JV «RihPanGalFarma» LTD as a “Best taxpayer of 2007”. Launching of main retail partner – pharmaceutical chain „Gedeon Richter”, which have strengthened the vertical “manufacturer-distributorpharmacy” to ensure the availability of qualitative and efficient medicines.
Maintaining by JV «RihPanGalFarma» LTD of position “Best taxpayer of 2008”.
Inauguration of new headquarters building of JV«RihPanGalFarma» LTD, in Chisinau with total area more than 5000 m2, which corresponds to all rigors of European standards of Good Distribution Practice (GDP). Launching of new customs warehouse of JV «RihPanGalFarma» LTD in Chisinau.
Construction of first subsidiary’s new building in Balti by analogy with headquarters from Chisinau. The launching of new complex with total surface of 1000 m2 is planned for 2012.
IM "RihPanGalFarma" LTD the first wholesale pharmaceutical distributor in Moldova wich has obtained the "Quality Management Certificate" ISO 9001:2015
IM "RihPanGalFarma" LTD has implemented ther rules of good distribution practice ( GDP ) and has obtained the "Certificate of compliance with Good Distribution Practice for medicinal products for human use"- AMDM.MD.GDP.003.2016