Our values and mission

Our slogan “In your health” reflects the values of company JV "RihPanGalFarma" LTD, being focused on every person and whole society needs:

  • Professionalism
  • Ethics
  • Quality
  • Social responsibility


The success of our company depends on the talent and dedication of our employees. Inside the company, there are ensured optimal conditions for work and professional development, the team spirit, as well as flexibility in all activities are encouraged by rewarding the performance.


The activity of our company is governed by the values of pharmacist profession, which are expressed in Hippocrates Oath. Our relationship with doctors and pharmacists are based upon principles of professional ethics and deontology, aiming main objective – enhancing patient’s quality of life.


Our activity is determined by the highest international quality standards. We focus our efforts in order to increase the quality and diversity of the services we offer to our customers and partners, raising quality standards and performance on the pharmaceutical market in Republic of Moldova.

Social responsibility

Among the top priorities of our company, social responsibility occupies a special place. The activity of JV «RIHPANGALFARMA» LTD is directed not only to provide the population with qualitative and accessible medicines, but also to active participation in various events and donations that aims social-vulnerable groups. By sponsorship of professional events (congresses, conferences etc), as well as supporting of pharmaceutical and medical science and education, JV «RIHPANGALFARMA» LTD is contributing significantly to the development of this essential for Republic of Moldova areas.